The Path of Daggers Audiobook – Robert Jordan



As Rand alThor, the Dragon Reborn fights off invading forces with his allies, his buddies Perrin as well as Egwene put plans in motion to join the countries versus the Dark One and his attacking pressures. The Dark One, an old wickedness that is preparing to release his militaries over the land is on the move. The Path of Daggers Audiobook – Robert Jordan Streaming. His dark army of beasts referred to as Trollocs and Myrrdraal are ravaging the land, where no community or city is secure. The environment is likewise in a state of flux as the Dark One uses his power to alter the weather condition, creating a warm front that is slowly ruining the regions of the globe. Life has actually ended up being an everyday battle, and the hope of several hinge on a couple of.

At the White Tower, the head of the Aes Sedai (ladies who can funnel magical power referred to as saidin), Elayne Trakand has created a strategy to turn around the environment modification. Elayne, an Aes Sedai in addition to heir to the Caemlyn throne, relies on her good friend Nynaeve as well as fellow Aes Sedai Aviendha that she believes they can battle the Dark One as well as return the environment back to its normal cycle with the help of an old relic referred to as the Dish of Winds.

The three ladies slip right into the chambers that hold the relics deep within the tower and have the ability to situate it. Together, with a group of other Aes Sedai, the women funnel the one power right into the relic and also are able to reverse the climate adjustment as well as bring relief to the kingdoms from the never-wavering warm. However, the success is short lived as the sea-faring warriors known as the Seanchan, assault the city and the tower.

Elayne, Nynaeve as well as Aviendha run away the city and also make their method to Andor. Heading, Elayne explains to the other women that it is time for her to take her position on the throne. She knows as the Dark One’s forces continue to climb and the countries begin to rage ware, she will certainly be a beacon of light amongst the darkness. Nynaeve agrees understanding an Aes Sedai on the throne would suggest power that numerous would certainly dare not to oppose. When they get here in Andor, Elayne heads to the castle and also makes her demands for the throne, which is rightfully hers.

On the road to Tar Valon, Egwene al’Vere, the Amyrlin Seat (leader) of a rogue group of Aes Sedai, makes her strategies to lay siege to the White Tower and also take over the entire myriad of Aes Sedai. However, her group of rebels are less than thrilled about the task as well as are fretted they will be damaged in the process. Egwene recognizes she has to reveal her true power in order to gain control of the ladies and utilizes her power to reveal just exactly how dangerous she has expanded. The ladies vow their loyalty to her and also make plans to take back the White Tower at any cost.

On The Other Hand, Perrin Aybara, audio speaker of the wolves as well as good friend of Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn as well as future conqueror of the Dark One, takes a trip with his wife Faile to the realm of Ghealdan under the orders of Rand to stop an incorrect prophet claiming to be a slave to the Dragon Reborn. Rand sees him as a hazard that can thwart his mission as well as strategies of uniting the nations. When Perrin shows up, he discovers a female imprisoned by the false prophet named Maighdin and also rescues her, placing her in the solution of his better half. Unidentified to Perrin, Maighdin is really Morgase, that used to be the Queen of Andor. While in Ghealdan, Perrin demans that the Queen known as Alliandre offer an oath to Rand, the Dragon Reborn. She initially rejects, however Perrin pushes her as well as she finally gives in, and also promises her fealty a lot to her dismay.

Around Altara, the Seanchan forces go to war. The intrusion in full swing, Rand al’Thor finds himself having a hard time to prevent their pressures. He hires the countries of Illian as well as Asha’male with the hopes of defeating the Seanchan finally. Funneling the one power, a job males are forbidden to do since it can taint the mines of guys, Rand attempts to beat the forces yet locates the power to be unwieldy. The Path of Daggers Audio Book Download. Picking up something is wrong, he makes a psychic link with Elayne where it is exposed that the one power is unpredictable due to the use of the Dish of the Winds. Ignoring her warnings, Rand attempts to channel not only the male side of the one power, but the female side, causing him blowing up of the one power. This loss of control cause so much damages not only to his armies however to the adversaries, that both teams are compelled to take out.



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