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Star Trek Into Darkness Audiobook – Chris Pine

Star Trek Into Darkness Audiobook – Alan Dean Foster

Star Trek Into Darkness Audiobook - Chris Pine Free
Star Trek Into Darkness Audiobook – Chris Pine


Before we begin I wish to state this regarding Star Trek Into Darkness: I’ve seen it in both 3D and 2D, and I urge you not to waste your cash on a 3D ticket. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing in this motion picture that needs 3D, and also it does bupkuss to enhance the experience.

Mind you, this flick is a visual banquet, however 3D doesn’t really add anything to the feast except for maybe that piece of parsley that is used as a garnish that you get rid of and also never eat.

Enough of the hurt food metaphor. Star Trek Into Darkness Audiobook Stream – Alan Dean Foster. I went into STID with really low expectations. As I’ve stated in the past, Celebrity Expedition is not at its best in film layout, particularly in our post-Star Wars world where science fiction motion picture should equal BIG-ASS ‘SPLOSIONS! in order make its ticket office demands. At its finest, Expedition is about the expedition of the human condition, something not remotely on display screen in either of J.J. Abrams’s movies. I figured we ‘d obtain what we obtained 4 years ago: a visual banquet (as long as you do not mind lens flares), exceptional performing, as well as a script that does not hold together upon analysis. My assumptions were, unfortunately, met.

The acting here is premium. As with the previous movie, the stars symbolize the characters they’re playing without spilling over into apology. In particular Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto do an outstanding work with personalities who are both the same and also various from their alternate-timeline equivalents played by William Shatner and also Leonard Nimoy, since Kirk and also Spock are the characters who were most changed by Nero’s time-travel antics in the last movie– the previous shed his dad, the latter shed his globe.

Okay, side note right here: the myth that Kirk is a rebel who follows his very own course as well as breaks all the policies is just that, a misconception. If you actually see the initial series, Kirk in fact frequently obeyed orders, continually complied with the regulations– a significant exemption being in “Amok Time,” and also then he was forgiven by T’Pau actioning in. Kirk’s radical associate is entirely an artifact of the movies, particularly The Look for Spock– once again, Kirk only damages the rules when his friend’s life is at risk.

In any case, I mention this due to the fact that Pine’s Kirk is way more of a rule-breaker than Kirk ever was even in various other feature films, and I like the method Pine plays him. The Kirk we understood is in there someplace, yet it’s underneath the mad child that grew up without a papa. (It would not be a J.J. Abrams film if at least among the personalities didn’t have Daddy problems, after all.).

As for Spock, he takes place a nice character trip below, albeit one with an instead abrupt resolution. In the opening scene on Nibiru (concerning which much more in a bit), he pretty clearly has a death wish. He’s almost pleading the volcano to eat him. Yet after that he mind-melds with Admiral Pike as the latter passes away, and he later admits that he doesn’t desire that. And after that– well, that’s it, actually. I would certainly’ve suched as the arc to have actually finished itself in a manner other than Spock speaking about it to Uhura and Kirk in the trading ship. Yet after that, there’s an additional arc he needs to go on after that– which, again, we’ll reach.

In any case, however, Quinto is exceptional, directing the Leonard Nimoy of forty-five years ago while making it his own. He’s joined by a solid sustaining actors: John Cho is a rock, Zoe Saldana is solid, Karl Urban is criminally underused (but, like DeForest Kelley before him, recipient of a lot of the most effective lines and also is a master curmudgeon), as well as Anton Yelchin does the very best he can with what he needs to collaborate with.

However the standouts below are Simon Pegg as Scotty and especially Benedict Cumberbatch as “John Harrison,” that is quickly adequate disclosed to be Khan Noonien Singh.

Pegg is a pleasure here, taking the ridiculousness of the Scotty character and also welcoming it. He resigns on a principle, as well as it’s a good one, however still comes through to help Kirk and save the day in the future. Pegg is a fantastic spoken and also physical comedian, as well as those skills beam through without ever losing sight of Montgomery Scott’s skills and importance to the ship.

However the flick is utterly taken by Cumberbatch. And also it’s not also shut. He’s bordered by some pretty high quality stars, and Cumberbatch makes them resemble a high school repertory company. He definitely sells every aspect of Khan– his intelligence, his rage, his enthusiasm, his estimation, his fury, his toughness, his ability. When he reveals to Kirk that he’s “much better” at “every little thing,” it consists of acting. Star Trek Into Darkness Audio Book Free. Heck, he does extra with an extreme look at Kirk via a window prior to he beams to Kronos than any individual else has the ability to perform in the entire movie.